Tokio Marine TM Legacy LifeFlex – Flexible lifetime coverage plan.

Comprehensive whole life insurance plan that is structured to allow you the flexibility to choose the coverage you need.

Tokio Marine TM Legacy LifeFlex review – A high coverage protection plan (Up to 10x coverage multiplier) with the option to receive income during your golden years.

0 1,250
Tokio Marine TM Legacy LifeFlex (Product details at a glance)
Cash value and Withdrawal benefit(s) Yes No
Policy cash value
Choice of premium/ payment terms
Options for coverage multipliers
Options to increase coverage at life stages
Conversion to retirement income/ savings plan
Health and Insurance coverage(s) Yes No
Death coverage
Total and Permanent Disability coverage
Terminal Illness coverage
Critical Illness coverage
Early Critical Illness coverage
Optional insurance rider(s) Yes No
Insurance riders to enhance coverage
Additional product feature(s) Yes No
Guaranteed premiums for critical illness cover
EarlyCare rider covers up to 117 conditions
Option to choose multiplier coverage up to 10x
Option to receive income for life from age 65

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