Prudential PRUTriple Protect – Get payout up to 3x of your coverage.

Protect against cancer and major critical illness with Prudential PRUTriple Protect.

Prudential PRUTriple Protect – Critical illness insurance that provides coverage against all stages of critical illness with an additional Early Protector rider.

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PRUTriple Protect helps to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your lost income and reduce your debt in the event of a critical illness. With protection against all stages of critical illness, you and your family can continue living life without compromising on your way of life.

Entry age: 1 – 65 (Age Next Birthday)

Maximum coverage age: Up to 75 (Age Next Birthday)

Premium term/ payable: Yearly for the duration of the policy

Prudential PRUTriple Protect (Product Details at a glance)
Cash value and Withdrawal benefit(s) Yes No
Policy cash value X
Surrender/ Maturity value X
Renewable/ Convertible features
Health and Insurance coverage(s) Yes No
Death coverage
Terminal Illness coverage X
Total and Permanent Disability coverage
Critical Illness coverage
Early Critical Illness coverage
Optional insurance rider(s) Yes No
Insurance riders to enhance coverage
Additional product feature(s) Yes No
Claim up to 300% for multiple illnesses
Allows conversion to a new plan
High claim coverage of up to $9 million

Additional product feature(s) on Prudential PRUTriple Protect

Detailed features and unique selling points of Prudential PRUTriple Protect:

Claim up to 300% for multiple illnesses

  • With PRUTriple Protect, your cover doesn’t end after you have made your first major illness (Critical Illness) claim. You can claim up to 300% of your basic cover amount (Sum Assured) and for multiple illnesses.

Allows conversion to a new plan

  • Choose to convert your PRUTriple Protect policy to a whole of life policy and endowment plan without proof of good health

High claim coverage of up to $9 million

  • Your maximum total payout could be as high as S$9M, one of the highest in the market.

Additional riders for Prudential PRUTriple Protect

The following riders can be added on to your Prudential PRUTriple Protect plan at an additional cost:

  • Early Protector – Be covered for up to 106 early to late-stage medical conditions with this rider. When you are diagnosed early with a major illness, you don’t have to wait for your illness to advance to a critical stage before making a claim.
  • Crisis Waiver III – Waives all future premium payments upon a successful claim against illnesses covered by PRUTriple Protect
  • Early Stage Crisis Waiver – Waives your premiums for five years upon a successful claim against pre-critical medical conditions covered by Early Protector.

Who should take up a Prudential PRUTriple Protect?

Prudential PRUTriple Protect is a critical illness insurance plan. This category of insurance plans are suitable or unsuitable depending on the following factors:

Prudential PRUTriple Protect is suitable for

  • Comprehensive coverage for all stages of critical illnesses (with Early Protect rider)
  • Supplement your existing coverage to provide financial support upon the diagnosis of critical illnesses
  • High multiplied payout based on the sum assured value of the policy

Prudential PRUTriple Protect is not suitable for

  • High returns on wealth accumulation or retirement income (Retirement Plans)
  • High insurance payout in the event of death (Term plans, Whole life plans)
  • Limited premium commitment as the insurance premium has to be paid yearly for the policy to stay in force

Sample policy illustration for Prudential PRUTriple Protect

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