Manulife Signature Income – Lifetime of income with a single premium.

Make a one time insurance premium, for a lifetime of income from 5th policy year up to age 99. Choose to transferred the policy to your next generation for them to enjoy its benefits.

Manulife Signature Income review – With options of SGD or USD payment, get a lifetime of income stream with the option to pass on the plan to your next generation.

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One plan for two or three generations With a one-time premium, Signature Income provides you with a lifetime of income (up to age 99), coverage for death and terminal illness, and the option to transfer the policy to your next generation, ensuring that your second, or even third, generation continues to receive financial support.

  • Premium term (You pay an insurance premium for): Single lump sum
  • Policy term (You receive a retirement income for): For a lifetime
  • Retirement income payout age: As soon as after the 5th policy year
  • Retirement income payout mode: Monthly or Yearly
Manulife Signature Income (Product details at a glance)
Cash value and Withdrawal benefit(s) Yes No
100% Principle guaranteed at maturity X
Partial withdrawal/ cash benefits
General savings feature(s) Yes No
Short premium/ savings terms (less than 5 years)
Long-term/ lifetime wealth accumulation
Health and Insurance Coverage(s) Yes No
Bundled with death/ TI/ TPD and/or CI coverage X
Guaranteed issurance irregardless of health
Optional insurance rider(s) Yes No
Insurance riders to enhance coverage X
Additional product feature(s) Yes No
Single premium only
Receive lifetime income payout
Option to reinvest your retirement income
Option to pass on the policy for wealth accumulation
Guaranteed 80% of your premium from day 1
Premiums in SGD or USD
No medical underwriting required

Supplementary details: Manulife Signature Income product brochure

Additional product feature(s) on Manulife Signature Income

Detailed features and unique selling points of Manulife Signature Income:

Single premium only

  • By paying a single lump-sum premium, you can receive a lifetime of income (from the 5th policy year) or until you wish to surrender your policy for its accumulated cash value.

Receive lifetime income payout

  • The policy can pay out a monthly or yearly income over 3 generations of your family, providing a total payout of up to 6.1 times of the single premium paid.

Option to reinvest your retirement income

  • Enjoy the option of reinvesting your monthly or yearly retirement income with Manulife at a non-guaranteed rate of up to 3% p.a.

Option to pass on the policy for wealth accumulation

  • Let your loved one continue your wealth accumulation and gain a head start in life.

Guaranteed 80% of your premium from day 1

  • You are guaranteed to minimally get back 80% of the total premium paid for the plan starting from the moment you sign up for the plan.
  • Over time, your policy will accumulate even higher cash value which forms part of your guaranteed and non-guaranteed bonus.

Premiums in SGD or USD

  • Take advantage of potential foreign currency appreciation by choosing to have your Manulife Signature Income denominated in US dollar.

No medical underwriting required

  • You can purchase this plan irregardless of your health condition with no medical checkup required.

Additional riders for Manulife Signature Income

The following riders can be added on to your Manulife Signature Income at an additional cost for greater assurance to your retirement goals:

  • Not applicable

Who should take up a Manulife Signature Income

Manulife Signature Income is a retirement income plan. This category of insurance plans are suitable or unsuitable depending on the following factors:

Manulife Signature Income is suitable for

  • Mid to long term wealth enhancement
  • Providing a retirement income for a lifetime
  • Mid to long term savings commitment period (Up to 5 years before first retirement income payout)
  • Retirement product with monthly or yearly guaranteed cash benefits in your retirement years
  • Hassle-free application without medical underwriting (If no riders are added)
  • Do not need access or partial withdrawal on your savings until your retirement age

Manulife Signature Income is not suitable for

  • High insurance protection and coverage
  • Providing additional guaranteed income payout in the event of disability
  • Investment product with potentially higher returns and risk
  • High surrender value in the early years of the policy

Sample policy illustration for Manulife Signature Income

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