Great Eastern Supreme Retirement – Secure your retirement.

Pay your insurance premium over a lump sum, over a 10-year period, or up to five years before your retirement age of 60, 65 or 70.

Start your retirement with a lump sum of up to 24 times your selected monthly income, plus guaranteed income every month for the next 20 years.

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Imagine having all the time and money you need to really enjoy life after you finish working. With Supreme Retirement and a little planning, you can look forward to your golden years, knowing that everything is taken care of. Having funds opens up a world of fun, from exotic travels to happy days closer to home with your loved ones.

  • Premium term (You pay an insurance premium for): 10 years, up to 5 years before income payout or a single lump sum
  • Policy term (You receive a retirement income for): 20 years
  • Retirement income payout age: 60, 65 or 70
  • Retirement income payout mode: Monthly
Great Eastern Supreme Retirement (Product details at a glance)
Cash value and Withdrawal benefit(s) Yes No
Policy cash value
Surrender value
Regular retirement income payouts (Monthly/ Yearly)
Health and Insurance coverage(s) Yes No
Death coverage
Total and Permanent Disability coverage X
Terminal Illness coverage X
Critical Illness coverage X
Early Critical Illness coverage X
Optional insurance rider(s) Yes No
Insurance riders to enhance coverage X
Additional product feature(s) Yes No
Upfront lump sum payout
Potential lump sum maturity benefit
Increase in your guaranteed income payout every 5 years
No medical underwriting required

Supplementary details: Great Eastern Supreme Retirement product brochure

Additional product feature(s) on Great Eastern Supreme Retirement

Detailed features and unique selling points of Great Eastern Supreme Retirement:

Upfront lump sum payout

  • Get a lump sum payout of 24 times your initial monthly retirement income at the start of your select payout period at age 60, 65 or 70.

Potential lump sum maturity benefit

  • You may receive a lump sum maturity benefit comprising of non-guaranteed bonuses at the end of your selected retirement income payout period of either 10 or 20 years.

Increase in your guaranteed income payout every 5 years

  • Every five years, the guaranteed portion of your monthly retirement income will be raised by 25% of your first monthly payout.

No medical underwriting required

  • You can purchase this plan irregardless of your health condition with no medical checkup required (If riders are not taken up).

Additional riders for Great Eastern Supreme Retirement

The following riders can be added on to your Great Eastern Supreme Retirement at an additional cost for greater assurance to your retirement goals:

  • Not applicable

Who should take up a Great Eastern Supreme Retirement?

Great Eastern Supreme Retirement is a retirement income plan. This category of insurance plans are suitable or unsuitable depending on the following factors:

Great Eastern Supreme Retirement is suitable for

  • Mid to long term wealth enhancement
  • Providing a retirement income over a selected period of years
  • Mid to long term savings commitment period (Up to 5 years before first retirement income payout)
  • Retirement product with yearly guaranteed cash benefits in your retirement years
  • Hassle-free application without medical underwriting (If no riders are added)
  • Do not need access or partial withdrawal on your savings until your retirement age
  • Retirement income that is guaranteed to increase every 5 years

Great Eastern Supreme Retirement is not suitable for

  • High insurance protection and coverage
  • Providing additional guaranteed income payout in the event of disability
  • Investment product with potentially higher returns and risk
  • High surrender value in the early years of the policy
  • Securing a monthly retirement income (Payout is yearly)

Sample policy illustration for Great Eastern Supreme Retirement

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